Fab evening at the Brit on 22nd January, thanks to The Realists (awesome first gig), The Edi Johnston Bit (awesome and funny too!) and to the non Farnborough Academy band members in all of the acts for their support. Thanks also to all the Farnborough Academy staff (current and ex) that turned up, bought tickets, brought friends and drank copiously! Respect to the Rushcliffer's (ROBIN,ROBIN!) for their support and for becoming danceaholics from the very start of our set and a huge thankyou to the T5E'ers that rocked up (after all they have seen us before!) to dance, sing and throw underwear at Dek (He has been referred to a counsellor to deal with this aspect of the show!). After room hire the Free School trips for Kids at the Farnborough Academy fund is £565 better off!

Said audience member Clare , “I forgot how much I loved The Terminal Five Experience. Face hurts from smiling and feet from dancing - thank you”

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