"Music Journalism has always in my view been a ready alternative to sex and so there was no one more surprised when halfway during their set the Ducks waddled in with a hazy version of the Hand Jive, I had to reassure myself this was not a pointed retort to my shouting out a request for Sultans of Swing!

Brilliant venue for a pub rock revival here at the Doghouse in Nottingham and we were certainly in for a night of light and dark. The Terminal Five Experience are maturing and we can be sure of more from them in the future, Roxette was a particular high spot for me with an off-beat riff and fab harmonica, with both guitarists knowing their Wilko from their Johnson.  AC/DC got a bit of a look in when the Ducks treated us to a ‘Deluxed’ version of the riff from “You shook me all night long” ( but they forgot the words), nevertheless lots of well honed songs which if short on the challenge are good to go and would make for a nice long road trip.

T5e for me should make a lot more of what they've got as they hit some high spots once or twice in the set and could have benefitted from a better mix in the backing  vocals and solos."

- Gary Pears

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